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Ruby Fortune Casino is popularly known for its quality and enormous range of games. This casino is part of the Palace Group and it was established in the year 2003. It runs on the very popular and reliable software platform called Microgaming. It offers a top notch gaming experience to their players with its wide range of games over 400. The game range includes Baccarat, Video Poker, Slots and many more. It offers you generous bonus plans and ongoing promotion schemes.
William Hill casino is a classic online casino which is found by William Hill in the year 1934. It is controlled by the famous gaming provider company named as The William Hill Group. It is one of the oldest casinos in the industry. It is highly authorized online casino and licensed under the regulation of the Gibraltar gaming authority. It is famous for offering a wide range of casino games which can be played on both the versions, either through flash version or by full download version.
Craps History

According to some researchers, dice people started during the Roman Empire. Moreover, some Romans (for example, the emperors) already tried to cheat during the game. The first bone in the form of cubes were created in 600 BC. Also known stories of the inhabitants of India, who have won and lost fortunes in the bone. In general, Asia has always been famous for games involving dice. In the past, instead of cubes could be used by different subjects, among whom were even knuckles.

Although now we imagine the bones as six-sided dice with the number of points from one to six, in history there were also other varieties. They were made of wood, horn, bones and tusks of animals, nut shells and other materials. A long time for this purpose used ivory. Today, bone, which play in the casino, made of solid cellulose.

Craps does not refer to the number of games known since the days of BC. She appeared much later. Some researchers believe that the ancestor of craps is an ancient Chinese game of Sic Bo. Most scientists are inclined to believe that craps appeared only a couple hundred years ago in England and was originally called Hazard (from English "risk, danger"). Other sources indicate that Hazard has appeared in the twelfth century. Perhaps in America, this game has got through the first settlers who arrived there on the ship Mayflower .

The modern name "craps" appeared in France. The game had a few varieties of the rules, and it used different tables. Initially tender could only against the house. Later, one John Wynn introduced a rule rates Don 't Pass and changed the layout that has clarified the rules. This variant is common in the casino. All other changes were not significant. During the Second World War, craps willingly played soldiers of various armies. Instead, the section they are usually spreading out a blanket. Also known street craps variant, in which the bones thrown to the pavement so that they bounced off the curb.

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