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Go to the casino with money in your pocket to play for them is not only convenient, but also good: it shows the degree of respect for the institution to visitors from Russia. In the end, if the ruble - money for a deli, then why not the ruble money casino. Play the ruble could be in the gambling establishments in the territory of the Russian Federation. But here's the law furiously regulate gambling and all the real legal institutions were closed, the players have moved online, and not so much lost.

Western casinos possible long swing, but in the end make the right conclusions. Players from Russia got the first Russian interfaces, help and support in the online places and then to choose the ruble as a game currency and replenish your account their national currency. Not necessarily play for rubles, if you are from Russia - you can refill your account in dollars, euros, pounds - no you do not restrict the choice of currency, but be able to play on rubles nice and comfortable.

The appearance of the ruble as an additional currency in Western online casinos - is primarily recognized the huge potential of the gaming market in Russia, and it is certainly nice. But except for the pleasant things of national pride in the opportunity to play for the ruble and is a great benefit. netentfreespins.net are major attraction for players these days and almost every online casino offer free spins to their players.

Firstly, almost every online institution takes a percentage of the transfer of money from one currency to another, save for this procedure do not want their money to anyone - it's annoying knocks attitude and courage. Now, this procedure can easily be avoided.

The second benefit - this is the minimum rate : the minimum rate in rubles at times less than that in dollars. Prize will also be correspondingly less, but because it is not about this: in some cases, very attractive and convenient to be able to play for the ruble minimum rate, such as slots in a series of spins.

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