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Ruby Fortune Casino is popularly known for its quality and enormous range of games. This casino is part of the Palace Group and it was established in the year 2003. It runs on the very popular and reliable software platform called Microgaming. It offers a top notch gaming experience to their players with its wide range of games over 400. The game range includes Baccarat, Video Poker, Slots and many more. It offers you generous bonus plans and ongoing promotion schemes.
William Hill casino is a classic online casino which is found by William Hill in the year 1934. It is controlled by the famous gaming provider company named as The William Hill Group. It is one of the oldest casinos in the industry. It is highly authorized online casino and licensed under the regulation of the Gibraltar gaming authority. It is famous for offering a wide range of casino games which can be played on both the versions, either through flash version or by full download version.
Roulette History

The history of the invention of roulette no less mysterious than the game itself. Version of the appearance of this popular gambling games are different. And if the author of this wonderful invention is credited to several individuals, the time and place can be called quite accurately - is 17-18 century. Conclusive evidence of the involvement of to create a roulette can be regarded as its name. The word Ā«rouletteĀ» means "small wheel". Today, among the types of roulette, there are three main ones. This separation is due to the history of the origin of the game. Controversial name of its inventor, but the "route" of its distribution remains in all versions of roughly the same - the appearance in France, and then spread to and later the conquest.

In one version of roulette was invented French-born mathematician B. Pascal in the 17th century. According to legend, trying to invent a kind of "perpetual motion" in 1655, Pascal decided to create a perfectly balanced wheel, which would have never stopped, and inside of which would be constantly spinning ball. Came the failure - the wheel has stopped, the ball fell into one of the holes. Thus, humanity lost forever spinning wheel and got in return roulette - gambling , attracting and today millions of players in the casino. Someone familiar nobles saw amazing building, and soon a new game by guessing numbers, place the ball falls captured the attention of many gamblers.

For the same legend, a few decades playing the roulette wheel was modified brothers Blank, who decided to add a cell with zero (zero), which, of course, changed the casino revenues upward. In the evolution of roulette were different types of wheels and rules: in one version of the wheel had three cells and zero in the other wheel did not move, there were others. The modern equivalent of the roulette allegedly appeared only in 1765 in Paris. Next was a revolution and a ban on gambling. Second life roulette and gave the brothers Blank, opened a casino in Monte Carlo. Next roulette gradually spread throughout Europe in the 19th century reached. In the wheel added a new cell - double zero - which greatly reduces the chances of a player winning and increases profits of gambling houses. It makes a kind of American online roulette less popular among today's players. Some historians roulette argue that it was not invented from scratch. Its predecessors were a few games that are popular in France at that time, Hookah, even-odd, and others. Roulette allegedly combine some elements of these games and become a new method of obtaining large profits for the owners of the casino.

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